Working with Clay

No doubt that clay has a powerful meaning for me. Clay had been used in so many different scenarios, and for so many different purposes; from a single cup used to drink, or a plate, or a vase, to a big building or temple made out of bricks (yes, clay bricks), and also to express so many feelings throughout art history. Yes there had been many uses for clay in art, and it is still used in art, sculpture, pottery, and many more art expressions and hobbies (yes we still use bricks to make buildings)
But my point is this; clay is one of the humblest materials in earth, and is able to reach the highest level of human expression, as is art expression. (And clay is basically made out of dirt and water ).
Modeling with clay is my preference when it comes to sculpting.
I very much enjoy working with clay, or any other material as ductile as clay,
it could be wax, crayola model magic, or plasticine. I never know in advance what I am making, but after working with shapes, forms, and volume, there is a moment in which I am aware of the infinite possibilities of making any subject appear before my eyes just by taking the final decision; “this is what I want to make now” then it happens and I have a new small sculpture. Sometimes I leave it like it is, and sometimes I go through the process of finishing, polishing, and painting it. This is what I do, and the beauty of art is that you can do your artwork any way you want to express your feelings, off course you need to have some training at some point, and I will be there, if you allow me to, and I will help you with my step-by-step free art lessons. The only thing you need is to start working in your artwork. In this free art lesson I made a Penguin with Crayola Model Magic.

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