Hector Marin-Arias Bio                               American born in Costa Rica.1949



Art has been with me all my life. I first came in contact with my artistic enthusiasm when I was 8 years old; around 1957 in Managua, Nicaragua where I grew up. I began my artistic education by creating drawings from nature. Soon I would become an apprentice to the sculptor Mercedes Gutierrez Sandino. Ms. Sandino would be my first art teacher. Ms. Sandino would teach me private art lessons in exchange for my help in making saints out of plaster, which she made and sold by the hundreds. After sometime of working hard on my painting skills, I was accepted and received a grant to study painting and fine art at the

Escuela de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts School) In Managua, Nicaragua under the direction of Master Rodrigo Peñalba.


In 1967 I traveled to Costa Rica to participate in different art exhibits at the “Galeria Forma” (Form Gallery). Soon after, in 1970, I traveled to Panama City to exhibit my paintings at “La Casa de la Escultura” (The House of Sculpture Gallery) and from there I traveled to Barcelona Spain. Living, studying, visiting museums and art galleries, and occasionally  working as an assistant for other artists. I also lived in Madrid and Paris. Altogether, I lived for at least 14 years in Europe.


In 1984, I started traveling back to Costa Rica (my country of birth) and lived there from 1985 to 1989 taking part in art contests, cultural activities, and art exhibitions. It would not be until 1988 that it would become possible for me to visit the USA, having received first prize in a painting contest organized by the ICT “Instituto Costarricense de Turismo” (Ministry of Tourism); first prize was a trip to Miami. In 1989 I came to New York City, where I have been painting and living ever since. I have earned a BA from Queens College, and a Master Degree from Brooklyn College.


In my paintings I incorporate myths, the Mayan Language, and my own graffiti. I could say that my inspiration is based upon a mix of ancient cultures in Central America, as well as the social and environmental reality of this planet.


In spite of my humble origin and lack of resources, of being homeless in Panama City and in Paris (during wintertime as many artists were, which is known as “la misère joyeuse”, the joyful misery, also called “la boheme”, the bohemia) I was fortunate and able to follow my bliss, travel to Europe and learn from different masters and in time developing my own artistic style. Throughout my life Art has been and is my guide.

These are some of the exhibitions in which I have participated;


Ward Nasse Gallery. New york, 2010


Queens Houses of Worship. Flushing Library. New York, 2004


The Brooklyn War Memorial. Brooklyn College MFA Thesis Art Exhibit

Maria Catalano Rand, Curator. New York, 2002 


The Hudson Waterfront Museum “Liberty Enlightening the World” 

A juried Art Exhibit. Peter M. Waldman, First Mate Curator.

New York 1998. 


The Anthropology Museum of the City of New York. 

A juried Art Exhibit. Nancy Bareis, 

Exhibit Curator. New York, 1997


Art Gallery Jose Figueres, San Jose, Costa Rica, 1986.


Orfila Art Gallery Madrid, 1982.


Cite Internationale Des Arts,

“Latin American Artists” Paris, France 1974. 



Juvisy-sur-Orge, France 1973


Sala Gaudi, First Congress of Latin American Artists. 

Barcelona, Spain 1971. 


Casa de la Escultura, Panama City,Panama, 1970.