Painting with Watercolors – Sailboat Project – COMING SOON!


Above is an excerpt of a sail boat project (e-book) that I have been working on. It is nearly completed and will be available soon!

The present video is only but an excerpt to one of the videos that makeup a new sail boat watercolor project (e-book) that I am creating. Much of the painting advise and techniques that I have suggested through my art lesson videos are addressed in this project step-by-step.

In this new Sail Boat Watercolor Project you will:
1. Learn how to structure your drawing to paint your watercolor
2. Specific guide/suggestion in the use of colors for this and similar projects
3. see how I use different techniques to achieve a desired effect in my watercolor painting
4. find one or two tricks that will help you in creating your painting
5. and support; you will have the opportunity to ask me questions

my blog is out, please have a look!

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