Watercolor Painting – Visit my Art exhibition!

Visual Artist Hector Marin-Arias painting a watercolor in Scottsdale Arizona.
It is a small video taken with a flip camera by a person that was passing by and did the favor of taking the video. I was in Scottsdale at a convention of PLF conducted by Jeff Walker at the Double Tree Hotel.
The convention was 9 to 5 and very intense, about 200 people or more were there,
I was there 4 days, and I had to skip meals and wake up very early in the morning in order to do what I like the most: to paint. And I painted few watercolors for the landscape was so beautiful that I was obliged to paint. Please visit my website

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you may see the above video directly in youtube here

  • gloria zelaya

    Love what you are doing with your classes. Please I would like to connect to your blog. Thanks.