Happy New Year 2014..! Atmospheric, Isometric and Linear Perspective


A very simple approach to Atmospheric, Isometric and Linear Perspective. This is my way of saying thank you for being a member of                                http://www.freeartlessonsforbeginners.com

It is not a good quality video, but I think it has enough content to at least motivate your curiosity to find out what are the secrets and resources that perspective offers us artists from Giotto to Kandinsky… yes, there is perspective in the beautiful symphony of colors that Kandinsky orchestrates in his big format paintings, as it was as well in Giotto paintings. It is about your point of view and how well you can implement your point of view on your canvas, on your drawings, or in your watercolor paintings. 

Remember that in art you never end learning, studying and discovering new aspects and mysteries of creativity, process and technique. -That is the beauty of Art- Please copy and practice many times the content in this video. And in the next video I am going to show you how to use exactly the same exercise to create a little landscape in watercolor with a small hut in the distance.       Thank you for watching my videos.   

Felt_FINAL_LOGO copy





The Fantastic The Fantastic Experimental Latino Theater, Inc 

Presents: New Classes in 2014:                                                                                               New Class “WATERCOLOR FOR BEGINNERS” in Manhattan, New York City


The Palm Tree


The Ocean


The Sailboat

Every Saturday. Starting on Saturday, March 8, 2014. From 3:00 to 6:00 PM.   I will Provide Materials: Paper, Paint, Paintbrushes, Masking tape, ruler, etc.

Prices: $60 one class. (1 Saturday-one e-book)

$150.00 for 3 classes. (3 Saturdays-three e-books)

Paint these 3 e-books with me;                                                                                                  “The Ocean”, “The Sailboat” and “The Palm Tree”


$100 value BONUS for attending my class* Hector Marin-Arias ( Instructor )

CALL:212 228-3705, or 917400-3057 Registration: feltincnyc@gmail.com Visit our Blog: http://www.felttheater.info/

FELT, Suite 311, at Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center 107 Suffolk Street New York, NY 10002. between Delancey and Rivington.                           Subway: F, to Delancey.  Subway M, J, Z, to Essex 

*A $100 value Bonus: 1 watercolor set (the same I use in my videos),                                     1 Paintbrush,  2 Water Color paper on corrugated plastic, Pencil,                        Ruler, Masking Tape, Tracing Paper, 1 year membership Silver Level at http://www.artstudioguild.com and New DVD with the 3 E-Book Art Lessons.






"The Ocean"_"The Sailboat"_"The Palm Tree"_3_E-Books painted with Watercolor_

“The Ocean”_”The Sailboat”_”The Palm Tree”_3_E-Books painted with Watercolor_








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Happy New Year 2013

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Times are changing, walking with angels, use of light on a film



This video is for my beginners to see how important it is to adapt ourselves to the diverse opportunities society offer us artists using sometimes the most unexpected ways.                  A couple of months ago I worked in this film:                               http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=aCuh7GT-sfs               (Walking with Angels) and one of my paintings plays an important roll in the film; I had to modify the painting to adapt it to the film needs. In this short video you can see part of the process and techniques I used to modify my painting without damaging it. I used collage and acrylic to change the main character of my painting into a transparent angel. By the way you can see this painting in more details on my  website:   http://www.hmartstudio.com  on the the tab that says: ‘about me’and also this description: “Kuculcan is a priest, and also a god from the Maya mythology in Central America. In this painting he is depicted on the streets of New York City,  and he is selling some of his sacred symbols, in order to survive,it seems to me that he is an illegal immigrant.

You can also watch the trailer of the movie “Walking with Angels” here:

The background relates to the Maya culture (hieroglyphs), and the posters and graffiti relate to the arrival of the Spaniards to America, and to the legend of Kuculkan, also known as Quetzalcoatl”.
Times are changing, walking with angels, and using light on a film are normal things.
Well, I worked in a film as Art Director a couple of months ago. The Film location was Long island, and we spent a whole week there completely involved in all the technicalities and dynamic relationship of about 20 different artist working together with a common goal; Make this project the best we have ever made..!
Of course creativity has to make concessions to the technical aspect of the film. And I mean so many technicalities; we run out of recording cards for the sound, lost battery power in a camera, the dolly was no functioning right (it was making noises) we lost power…and we were faraway from everywhere, we had our cars though. To make it short, I had to adapt one of my dearest paintings to be part of the film, for the director is very involved in the Mayan culture and when he realized that I use the Mayan glyphs to write hidden messages on my paintings (I suspect the director is Mayan) he asked me about modifying my painting, and as they say “the rest is history”.
Times are changing, walking with angels, use of light on a film to create the right mood.
In the past I worked as Art director with Marta Bautis here in New York City, and the video title is: “Home is Struggle” which won First Prize at the San Antonio Film and Video Festival in 1991, and has been screened within other places at the -Weather Spoon Art Museum- you can check it out here:
and recently, this year I took a class in screenwriting to apply it to my videos, and somehow everything I learned has always been a good investment for it helps me to grow as a human being; those two experiences, working as art director and studying screenwriting are helping me now to address my art students at
http://www.freeartlessonsforbeginners.com and they can watch in this video an excerpt of the process my painting went through to serve the common goal of the film. I have to say the experience was beautiful and everything in general was good. For me the most important lesson was to find out that there were many artists from different fields working together in harmony, surrounded by positive energy and love while working in a project which main goal was to help each other in this difficult era. I hope you like this video and the trailer of Walking with Angels




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E-BOOK about painting a sailboat with watercolors

Please click on the link to see the e-book (excerpt)


Please click on this text to watch the video

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Free Lesson_Watercolor Painting Step-by-Step. (background_and_foreground)


Watercolor Painting_Free Art Lesson_Step-by-Step

Please watch the video(s) to learn how to paint this watercolor Step-by-Step


Please watch this video before you start painting

Please watch the video before you continue painting

Please watch the video before you continue painting


There is a fourth video with the final touches on the foreground, if you want me send it to you, then go to: http://www.freeartlessonsforbeginners.com/ write your name and your best email in the form and push the submit button . I will be sending the fourth video 2_Part_5_LAKE… to all my subscribers in my list this Sunday September 9,  and also next Thursday September 13, 2012 (Or fill out the form on the right side of this page and push the submit button)

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The Best Film Class; Introduction to Filmmaking, Directing and Producing. FELT, The Fantastic Experimental Latino Theater, Inc.

David Capurso

David Capurso (instructor)
September 4, 11, 18, 25, October 2. Tuesdays 6:30 to 8:30 PM.
Registration Fee: $250.00. 

His film “I am Julia” is the winner of the Gold Palm award at the Mexico International Film Festival.
Early birds get 10% discount of registration fee. Call 212 228-3705, 917 400 3057

October: An Introduction to Screenwriting. John Ramaine (instructor)

Dates: Monday September 24, October 1, 8, 15, 22.  Mondays 6:30 to 8:30 PM

October : Methodology of the Fantastic Realism by Guillermo Gentile. Candido Tirado
(instructor) Mr. Tirado is a writer and director. This class is for Actors, Directors and Writers


November: Acting Class: Scene, Monologue Study and Improvisation
Gloria Zelaya (instructor) Ms. Zelaya is the Director and producer of FELT

Address: F.E.L.T, Suite 311, Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center, Directions:
F, J, M or Z trains to Delancey/Essex. Registration Fee: $250.00.
call 212 228-3705. Visit our Blog http://www.felttheater.info/news/ or email us at: feltincnyc@gmail.com


Please click on this link to see this Bonus Screenwriting_4_My Movie 16

This is a class that I recommend if you are working in videos for the Internet Market. It helped me a lot with the structure and scripts for my videos. The class is taking place in New york City, and the price is very affordable.            And you will receive three bonuses when your registration is paid:
First Bonus is one of my watercolors.
Second Bonus is the full video you see above.
Third Bonus is the audio of  the Filmmaking, Directing and Producing class.

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Set Design, Masks, Stage Props, Painting Big Background, Theater,


This is the production I have been working with felt as a set designer, also making props

and stage props, masks and a big backdrop.

Hector Marin-Arias

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La Virgen de la Mosca Colegiata de Toro, Zamora, Spain

Around 40 years ago, in the early 70s’, I was living in Spain. At that time I was single and the only thing in my mind was painting. I supported myself as a visual artist by taking on all kind of art commissions: landscapes, portraits, copies, etc. Through my dear friend Jordi Annel Zubero, a fellow artist, i received a commission to paint two portraits. I was living in Madrid and this commission made it possible for me to get a hotel room, in Zamora. The commission came at a good time, for at that momment I had enough time to paint (a little over two months). I painted every day, one portrait in the morning, and the other portrait in the afternoon. During my stay at Zamora I was able to meet few people and made some friends. One day they told me the story of the fly. I asked them to show me the painting for i thought they were pulling my leg. This is what happened: In Zamora, Spain, there is a church, kind of a museum, and they had this painting “La Virgen de la mosca” (The Virgin with a fly) it is a small oil painting on wood. The scene is very serious and is painted in the traditional style of the period. The story  my friends told me is this, there is a very realistic fly that is painted on the red mantle of the Virgin. The anecdote that is told in relation to painting is that when the painting was received, as a gift to the church, a cardinal or somebody very high in the hierarchy of the church, was trying to chase the fly away from the mantel. Such action made everyone around laugh out loud.

Also, here is a cool video on the city of Toro, Zamora. It is in Spanish, but nonetheless you can still see of its beautiful architecture:

Furthermore, if you would like to learn more about, try a google search of this:

La Virgen de la Mosca at the Colegiata de Toro, Zamora Spain

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Painting with Watercolors – Sailboat Project – COMING SOON!


Above is an excerpt of a sail boat project (e-book) that I have been working on. It is nearly completed and will be available soon!

The present video is only but an excerpt to one of the videos that makeup a new sail boat watercolor project (e-book) that I am creating. Much of the painting advise and techniques that I have suggested through my art lesson videos are addressed in this project step-by-step.

In this new Sail Boat Watercolor Project you will:
1. Learn how to structure your drawing to paint your watercolor
2. Specific guide/suggestion in the use of colors for this and similar projects
3. see how I use different techniques to achieve a desired effect in my watercolor painting
4. find one or two tricks that will help you in creating your painting
5. and support; you will have the opportunity to ask me questions

my blog is out, please have a look!

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ROCK Competition at Hard Rock Cafe NYC

My son’s band “The Blackfires” won the Rock competition at Hard Rock Cafe here in New York City.
Here is the information about this event:

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